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We’re the go-to place for all things property investment. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned pro – we can assist you with targeting the best property and location.

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Why use us

When finanacial planners & advisors, mortgage brokers and other professionals need to find the right investment property for their clients, we are often the people they come to.


Beyond our own experience, resources, & specialised knowledge of investment property - we also have at our clients disposal, a network of qualified, competent & independent professionals,

How it works

We isolate properties which best match your situation. Should you wish to proceed, we provide all of the supporting documentation required to present to the lender, financial advisors & legal advisors.

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53 Years

Our founders have 53 years between them working in property.

535 mil

Our team have completed half a billon dollars in property transactions

700 investors

We’ve worked with over 700 investors. Our partners have worked with thousands.

3 Easy Ways to Start Your Journey

Whether you are a first time or seasoned professional property investor, we and our alliance partners are experts in assisting our clients unlock their full investment potential.

We believe that the cornerstone of our client relationship is to have a vested interest in their success and that the needs of our clients must be our first priority.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the right investment property is targeted and understand this approach is crucial in a successful outcome.

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They say the only silly question is the one you don’t ask. The choice to start your own property portfolio, whether it’s one rental, two or many, is one that works best if you get all the intricate aspects right.
We offer an introduction to rental property ownership where we can answer all your questions on how to get the best result when building your rental portfolio.
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Think you've got what it takes? Take our short quiz and find out if you have what it takes to own a profitable portfolio.
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One of the primary drivers of portfolio growth is how quickly you can increase your debt to equity ratio - we've compiled 80 hacks into a free resource for you.
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Example Projects

We’re not locked in with a single developer or builder, instead we have networks across the country to ensure you get the right property to suit your circumstances.

Sold Out

Mangawhai - 4+2 Home & Income

A fast growing Auckland bolthole with a shortage of great rentals – Mangawhai ticks all the boxes with the added benefit of potential holiday rental income. 

Learn more →

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Nationwide House & Land Packages

We’ve got a range of house and land packages to suit any portfolio from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Enquire below to find out what stock is available now.

Learn more →

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Kaipara House & Land Packages

We have new developments releasing in the coming months throughout Kaipara with a mix of Home & Income + House & Land packages.

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What is Circulus?

A comprehensive, bespoke investment property finding group. We work alongside Kiwi investors & their advisors to grow their property investment portfolio.

What we are

Property Experts

We've been in the property investment game since the 90's.

Research Driven

We research the marketplace to stay on top of things for you.


From the beginning. We're with you every step of the way.


We embrace scrutiny on any property choice offered.


Our network becomes your network.


We work with vetted partners that have a proven track record.

What we aren’t

Financial Advisors

We love to work with them - but we aren't them.

Admin Assistants

Our team are busy supporting you to do mail outs.

Real Estate Agents

They work for the vendor - we work for you.


We are results driven so keep our overheads low.


We've been in the game for decades.


Nothing stands in the way of what's best for our clients.

Oh, so you're another property developer...

Why choose Circulus?

We are the trusted recommendation for many clients of advisory organizations including chartered accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, insurance advisors and other financial service providers.

It is our track record and commitment to selecting solid performing properties that makes us the first choice for many advisors. In-fact, many times these advisors have become clients of our as well.

We also have a great network that you can draw from if you require more specialized financial advice.

We love property and love to help people understand all the fundamentals of building g a property portfolio, but the journey may require you to get more specialized financial advice. You are free to use who you like here or can draw from the experienced advisors in our network.

We know our clients are busy so we do the legwork for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s why our clients are saying

Having worked with Carl from Circulus for the last 4 years my partner and I can personally attest to the quality of his advice. We had an aggressive plan of buying our first home & an investment property in 3 years. We’ve smashed that goal and it wouldn’t have been possible without the team here. Everything from helping us find a lawyer to analysing out the layout of our first build – we never felt anything less than 100% support.

Nathan Frater

Wanaka, NZ

Become our latest success story

Everyone loves talking about themselves. Sometimes it’s best to let your clients do the talking. Have a read of some recent feedback from clients and partners of the Circulus team.

Responsible for enabling me to begin and expand my investment portfolio

In 2011 I was looking to begin a personal investment property portfolio for future retirement. My financial planner strongly recommended that I be introduced Strone Hellyer.

Strone was responsible for enabling me to begin with my first investment property and over the years, expand my investment property portfolio.

Strone was a pillar of good advice, genuine patience and honesty as he dealt with the builders and developers.

P Glass

Auckland, NZ

Made the purchase process straight forward and simple

My wife & I were introduced to Strone through our financial advisor in 2009. Strone was responsible for getting us started with our first investment property and over a period of 11 years Strone was responsible for assisting us with the purchase of a total of five investment properties.

He made the purchase process straight forward and simple, apart from the aspects we had to be involved in and guided us through every step. Right through to making certain we had the best property managers looking after ours and the tenants interests.

R Bransgrove

Auckland, NZ

We were able to retire years earlier than expected

The confidence instilled in us, along with the advice & support we received along the way, allowed us to confidently build our property portfolio, to a point where we were able to retire years earlier than expected. We can thank Strone to a large degree for being past of making this happen. We have referred both friends and family to the team and can confidently recommend Strone to anyone wanting to buy investment property.

J Bransgrove

Auckland, NZ

15 years down the track, it's really paying dividends

Working with Carl really helped us take the step. 15 years down the track, it’s really paying dividends. My wife had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and was intrigued by the concepts but it wasn’t until we sought Carls advice that it came together.

Who would have thought that two people on ordinary incomes could achieve what we have achieved financially.


Auckland, NZ

It's really been better than we anticipated

The results from working with Carl have been fantastic! We’ve gone on to purchase multiple properties now. It’s really been better than we anticipated earlier on.


Auckland, NZ

The best investment I’ve made in my future

There’s been one unexpected result from working with Carl over the last 15 years. When we had kids, I was able to take guilt free time off work to spend time with them – knowing my wealth was growing whether I was at work or not.


Auckland, NZ

Meet the team behind Circulus

Should you require additional support or advice, we have surrounded ourselves with alliance partners that have all of the necessary skills and qualifications to advise on all aspects of property investment and overall financial advice. Whether it be financial planning, debt restructuring, improving cashflow, reducing debt faster, tax savings & tax advice, accounting, investment structuring, protecting your current & future assets or property management, it is all here for you.

Valuation Specialists

In this day it is a prerequisite for you to have an independent valuation on any prospective purchase, for your benefit and also your banks requirements for responsible lending. This will usually be organised by your mortgage broker requested by your lender.


We will work with your existing accountant or recommend a knowledgeable expert in the property tax field.

Insurance Advisors

We recommend working with an experience insurance advisor we are happy to recommend ours.

Mortgage brokers

A great option to do the running around and negotiate a good deal with your bank, we recommend mortgage brokers.

Financial advisors

We work with a number of Financial Service Providers and if you want to have a financial plan created for building long term wealth we have several we can recommend. This network is independent, professional & qualified.

Property Managers

It's always important to have a good property manager, we work with many and recommend those that have the best track record .

Property Developers

We have keen interest in property development ourselves and work with developers who have a proven record.


We only align ourselves with builders that have a proven track record and offer the highest quality build with all of the safeguards and guarantees for your peace of mind. Use our buying power to get the best deal.


Access our hand picked network of property developers & builders

A successful investment property portfolio is available to anyone whom has the right resources available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? That’s usually a good sign. We’ve tried to answer as many of the common questions we get below. If there’s anything we haven’t covered – please reach out and we’ll happily chat.

Circulus is trusted by numerous advisory organizations, from chartered accountants to insurance advisors. Our track record in selecting high-performing properties, coupled with our extensive network, means we’re well-equipped to support your investment journey.

While we are property experts, we love collaborating with financial advisors. In fact, many advisors are our clients. You can integrate our services with your current advisory team, or tap into our network for specialized advice.

It’s essential to have an independent valuation for any property you’re considering. This valuation is not just for your peace of mind but also a requirement for responsible lending by banks. Your mortgage broker usually organizes this, but we can guide you through the process.

No. We can seamlessly work with your existing accountant. However, if needed, we can recommend experts in the property tax domain.

While we aren’t insurance advisors, we emphasize the importance of working with experienced professionals in this field. We’re happy to introduce you to our recommended advisors who specialize in property insurance.

Mortgage brokers can save you time and negotiate favorable terms with banks on your behalf. Given their expertise and our recommendation, they are an invaluable asset in your property investment journey.

Good property management is key. While we’re experts in finding and recommending properties, we also have ties with top-performing property managers. Their track record ensures your investment is in good hands.

Absolutely. We have a strong interest in property development and collaborate with developers with proven records. This opens up diverse investment opportunities for you.

We prioritize quality and peace of mind for our clients. The builders we align with have established track records and provide comprehensive guarantees and safeguards. Plus, our collective buying power can help you secure the best deals.

Our team has been in the game since the ’90s, and we’re research-driven. We constantly survey the market landscape, ensuring that our recommendations are based on the most current and robust data available.

Work With Us

Tap into the Circulus team’s world of experience and work towards a financial future powered by property.

Have a chat to one of our team members in a casual no obligation format via zoom or phone and we will have a friendly and open discussion around your goals and objectives, and whether or not we can help.

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